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Hockey. The most free-flowing and exhilarating sport - all forms, every surface, any ability, anywhere. We believe that everyone should experience the game in a unique, positive and safe environment. Every product we build, and program we support, is inspired by these fundamental principles.

The Helmet


Game-changing protection and performance for everyone that plays the game.

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Beyond Traditional Safe

Developed, designed and tested through years of expert collaboration between a Hall of Fame hockey player, a world-renowned neurologist, and a leading sports helmet designer Valor's helmet reaches outside the traditional confines of the sport by fusing innovative engineering with new materials and technologies breaking through the barriers of 'traditional' safe.

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5 Star Rated

Virginia Tech's helmet safety testing exceeds standard industry tolerances, measuring the real-world concussion risks of both rotational and linear forces. The Axiom helmet has been rated 5 Star, the first hockey helmet to earn this rating since 2017.

No Compromise Design

Game-changing protection and performance through uncompromising innovation. Protecting you from the forces that you can’t defend against so that you can play hard and skate free, wherever you play.



Stability equals safety, comfort equals performance. Dial in and lock in your personalized custom fit with the Mi-Fit Stability System. Your own unique fit - more comfortable and more secure.

Ultrastrong, lightweight -


One-piece construction. A spherical ultrastrong profile, engineered with a lightweight shell provides the highest level of impact dispersion without extra mass and weight.

Progressive -

Impact Pods

Multi-directional impact absorption pods strategically zoned to maximize protection and comfort without restricting airflow.

Ultravent -


The helmet venting system works in harmony with the internal impact pods creating air channels that maximizes cooling airflow in all directions and recovering between shifts.

Magnetic -

Fidlock Strap

No more hang-down. The Fidlock magnetic chin strap allows you to easily secure a better and safer fit with a game-changing click connect mechanism.

Moisture Management -


A clear skin moisture management coating on the interior padding repels moisture, keeping you cool and your helmet fresh.


Elevate the way you play the game with game-changing safety, comfort and performance.


Unbounded by limits

Driven to -


Valor is driven to inspire a love of the game in all its forms. We embrace and support the role the entire hockey community plays in celebrating and promoting the lifelong lessons that unite everyone who plays the game - teamwork, humility, hard work, and a love for what the game gives back.

Our Story

Hockey For All

Hockey brings joy, fosters community, and creates memories that last a lifetime. No matter how you play, where you play, or the surface you play on, Hockey is for all. Valor celebrates the different ways the game is played and understands the importance and value of diverse and powerful grassroots development regardless of the level of play. Valor invites you to become part of the hockey community and create your own unique hockey experience.

A Community -

Elevating The Game

Hockey is so much more than the score of any game, it brings joy, helps develop communities through a commitment to shared values and creates memories that last a lifetime. No matter how you play, where you play, or the surface you play on, Valor invites you to become part of the community and create your own unique hockey experience.

A Brand -

148 Years In the Making

Honoring the game's past and reimagining its future. Hockey’s soul runs deep - a long history of milestones 148 years in the making. Values of hard work, respect and teamwork passed down through the generations, driven by a love of the game and the lifelong lessons it teaches.